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One week ago today marked the finest day, and night, of my existence.
Not only was it Niall’s 21st birthday, but it was also the night I got to see my lifesavers in person.
I’ve always thought that it was impossible for an artist to “save” someone’s life.
Yes, music has helped me through dark times, but I’ve never once referred to an artist as my “lifesaver.”
One Direction came into my life about three years ago, and ever since; they’ve improved my life.
I’ll never forget the night I listened to ‘Up All Night’ for the first time. I knew these lads were different from the way I was able to smile through every song.
It wasn’t until Midnight Memories, though, that I truly believed they saved my life through song.
Their song “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” proved how much they care, and to hear it live, along with the speech Niall delivered beforehand; truly enlarged my heart. The line: “If you ever feel alone, don’t,” has stayed with me since the day I heard it, and I’m sure it always will.
I could not be prouder of them.
I’m a proud Directioner, and I don’t care what people think.
I’m so excited for FOUR, and I’m beyond privileged to have been on this journey with them. I will be here until the end, lads.
I love you eternally.. Xx

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